March 24, 2022

Meat the team – Johan Pauw

Meat Johan Pauw, seasoned Sales Executive at Sparta Beef.

We cornered Johan and asked him some candid questions regarding himself and Sparta.

What is your SALES super power?

Building rapport with my customers. This boils down to showing sincere interest in what makes the client tick, doing what’s best for the client and the company in the long run, and remembering the important things in your client’s life. Sincerity is key – don’t fake it!

What is your favourite piece of machinery at Sparta? 

Top of the list would be any one of the many machines here that work well and drive production. The CEO’s Mercedes comes in at a close second.

Most memorable day at work? 

I attended a major weekly meeting on my third day at Sparta. The intense involvement of the directors and top management in the nuts and bolts of daily operations and their attention to detail was an eye-opener. This has stayed with me.

What is your Sparta beef cooking tip?

When someone asks for their steak “well done” – braai them a pork chop and save the beef for appreciative minds.

What is your favourite Sparta product? 

Sparta rib eye – the king of beef.

How long have you worked at Sparta? 

November 2021, it will be 7 years.

Favourite quote? 

“Quotes don’t work unless you do.” – Anonymous

Best office prank dished out or pulled on you?

I was once told to pay a R2 500 speeding fine that was issued to me while driving a company vehicle. I thought it was a great prank – until I realised that the transport manager wasn’t joking.

One thing people don’t know about you?

I keep chickens.



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