November 8, 2021

Investing in future leaders

At Sparta we believe there is no greater investment than investing in future generations.

“At Sparta we believe there is no greater investment than investing in future generations. This belief has inspired us to support staff, at all stages of their professional and educational development in order to improve their career prospects,” says Fulu Mphaphuli, human capital development manager at Sparta.

Sparta is a keen participant of the University of the Free State Business School, New Management Programme. They enrol potential first level managers into this programme to help them become successful leaders at Sparta. As part of a continuous in-service training program Sparta employees regularly attend refresher courses on hygiene awareness, occupational health and safety and various SANS (South African National Standard – safety) aspects. In-house skills training is also an ongoing part of the Sparta training programme, in fact Sparta trains approximately 1000 staff members each year.

Through their ‘Intern to Employee’ programme a number of young adults in the Human Resource, Health and Safety, Marketing, Business Management and Finance fields have completed their internships at Sparta and have become proud Spartans. Other students who have completed their internship programs at Sparta have been given the opportunity to gain much needed work experience.

Through their training efforts, both internally and externally, Sparta aims to empower individuals to not only better themselves, but also the beef industry in which they operate. Sparta is a proud sponsor of the annual Stockman School, where they provide lectures, financial assistance and educational tours of their facilities to educate students and young farmers about the agricultural sector and red meat industry. As part of Sparta’s initiative to train and empower young farmers, they regularly afford students from the Glen Agricultural College in Mangaung the opportunity to fulfil their internship requirements at Sparta, helping students gain invaluable experience.

In further support of their employees and greater community, Sparta annually , awards several bursaries to qualifying children of employees to further their studies. This has ensured a better life for a lot of families in their communities and has delivered some top-performing students, who have become experts in their fields.


Miejon van Zyl


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