Angus Sirloin

The Sparta Angus sirloin is a quality marbled steak that is beautifully tender and full of flavour. Our sirloin steaks are well suited to grilling and are ideal for exact and easy portioning when purchased as a whole primal.

Retail-Ready Packaging
Angus Sirloin Steak RP (4040)
2 Sirloin steaks per punnet ± 250g x 2, or 1 x ± 500g steak
4 to 6 Punnets per box ± 3kg
Expertly aged, 30-day shelf life – chilled
Bulk Packaging
Angus Sirloin Swiss Trim (4006)
Half sirloins individually vacuum-packed in special barrier bags ± 2kg – 3kg per unit
4 Units per box ± 10kg
Expertly aged, 90-day shelf life – chilled