Angus Bavette Steak

This popular bistro-style steak, known as bavette d’aloyau in France, is a real all-rounder and equally delicious grilled, stir-fried or pan-fried. The fan-shaped cut is part of the flank steak family and is packed full of beefy flavour.

Retail-Ready Packaging
Angus Bavette Steak RP (4041)
2 Bavette steaks per punnet ± 300g x 2
4 to 6 Punnets per box ± 3.6kg
Expertly aged, 30-day shelf life – chilled
Bulk Packaging
Angus Bavette Steak (4004)
Whole bavette steaks individually vacuum-packed in special barrier bags ± 0.8kg – 1.2kg
4 Units per box ± 4.8kg
Expertly aged, 60-day shelf life – chilled